Thursday, 18 March 2010

It's London Today.

I have decided to look into some London hauntings today, and so am about to go off and visit one of my favoured spooky locations and take a look at London's cursed cobblestone.

I'm particualry fond of this one as it concerns someone who took my London Ghost Walk on Halloween 2005.

About three weeks after the Halloween tour I received a phone call from a lady who has brought her family on the Halloween tour. She wanted to know where the courtyard was where I told a particualr ghost story. Having given her directions I politiely enquired why she wanted to know.

It transpired that, on the Halloween Ghost Tour, her duahgter had noticed that one of the cobblestones in the courtyard was loose. Deciding it would make a perfect souvenir of the tour she dropped it into her back pack and, by the end of Halloween 2005 that cobblestone was enjoying pride of place on a shelf in her daughters bedroom.

The next night, they came home from school and work respectively and, despite the fact the central heating was going full pelt, the house was freezing cold. Try as they might it just would not warm up.

Well, over the next three weeks, thinks kept happening in their house. They got cold spots, thought they saw people, and heard voices. But the night before she made the phone call she'd gone up to turn the light off in her daughters bedroom but could't open the door.

She called her husband up and together they maged to ease the door open. But when they got into the room it had been trashed. Light fittings smashed, bed covers pulled off the bed and dumped in an untidy pile on the floor. There on top of the pile was the cobblestone!

That was it. They decided that ever since the cobblestone had come into their house they'd had nothing but trouble. Hence her call to the office to find the location of the courtyard from whence the dreaded cobblestone had come!

That night I was doing a ghost walk and was in th courtyard and could clearly see the gap where the cobblestone should be. I came back the next night and the cobblestone had been returned.

Funny thing is, that the Corporation of London, keep fixing said cobbelstone with cement, but it always mnages to work free!!

Spooky or what?

Till next time .. good hauntings.

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