Sunday, 5 June 2011

A Decent Night's Unrest

Have you ever spent the night in a haunted room?

I ask because in a few weeks time I will be pitching up at the very, very, very haunted St Briavel's Castle in Gloucestershire.

It's just over a year since I was last there and, hopefully, this time I'll get inside!

Last time I arrived there on a Monday afternoon and, as I discovered, Monday is not the best of days to go off in search of the inexplicable because, inexplicably, many haunted places seem to be closed on Mondays.

So having tried to get inside a smattering of haunted houses, finding myself locked out of Littledean Jail (intriguing concept that, to be locked out of a jail) I headed for St Briavel's Castle on the off chance that, since it is a Youth Hostel, it might just be open.

Well I could get inside the Castle itself, and I had a lovely stroll around the interior, but it was all locked up when it came to getting inside.

Not to worry though as in a few weeks time I'll be speaking at Ghost West South West and the heartbreak over not being able to get inside in 2010 will be replaced by the sheer joy of having done so in 2011!

I was at the Castle last year as part of my research for my (then) upcoming new book Haunted Britain, which was published in October by the AA. I was absolutely thrilled when Tom Baker agreed to write the forward for the book a d even more when I saw the finished product. The AA did a brilliant job on the production of the book, nice paper, nice cover, stunning photographs and the writing wasn't too bad either.

So if anyone out there fancies a night at a ghost fest at a truly haunted castle, then Here's the web link.

Ghostfest Southwest

If you would like to see the photos I took on my vist to St Briavel's Castle then pop over to the haunted Britain website at the St Briavel's Castle page.

Till the next time Good Hauntings

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